Friday, June 4, 2010

Time T' Set Sail!

Thanks Emma for getting this starrrrted. It prompted me to at least put pictures up of my book. I haven't actually got to the entry yet, but I have been having a blast decorating my book! I will be getting to my entry shortly... I promise! We have been madly sending out chalk art signs, working on our boat so we can set sail this summer for a few weeks, and trying to get some firefighting exams done... phew. Hasn't been much time for drawin'... at least this exchange has an inspiring theme!!!


  1. A great start...looks like summer will kick this off for all of us as I am going to get to my entry as well in a week when I am off for the summer.

  2. Love your sign in page! Can't wait to see what your entry looks like...and Michael I think you are right, I think we all were needing the summer to get us all started and the motivation to set in :)