Friday, June 4, 2010

Time T' Set Sail!

Thanks Emma for getting this starrrrted. It prompted me to at least put pictures up of my book. I haven't actually got to the entry yet, but I have been having a blast decorating my book! I will be getting to my entry shortly... I promise! We have been madly sending out chalk art signs, working on our boat so we can set sail this summer for a few weeks, and trying to get some firefighting exams done... phew. Hasn't been much time for drawin'... at least this exchange has an inspiring theme!!!

I'll get this starrrted...

This is what has come out so far in my moleskine for this group. I believe there will be more later in the book... I am trying to make it so there is maximum interaction in my book. (Yes that is my destroyed page, it is very neat, I know...).