Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hi all... I am Claire and am in a few other groups but could NOT pass this one up. I was just fooling around and created a banner and modified the headings, but please... if you had other plans or already did one then feel free to replace it. I was just feeling inspired while working on my moleskine, and thought if dressing up the blog a bit got us all a little more excited about it then that had to be a good thing right? I am so excited about being in a group with all you talented folks, and this theme is awesome!

Kelley, can I get your address so I can mail mine when it is ready to go?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

slap me thrice and hand me moleskine to me mamma!!

Ello ello, appy to be ear.

now where be thee loot?



This is the home of the Moly x Pirate group. This blog has been re-claimed from the original moly x 72 group that never got off the ground. Please sign in when you get a chance and watch out for land-lubbers!